Self-Love in a Filtered Reality

Self-Love in a Filtered Reality


Now, this, for many, is a very sensitive or difficult topic and that is OKAY!

We live in a filtered, 9×16 world with people who have become masters of “the right angle”. This makes it so easy for us to compare ourselves and become disappointed. How many of you have thought “well shit, I’ve been doing the same thing and my abs don’t look like that!”. It’s natural. But, it’s not something we should be okay with.

Something to keep in mind: behind that ‘oh-so-perfect’ photo is probably a reel of 50 other shots that didn’t make the cut. Everyone is using filters and enhancers these days. Which, hey, that’s perfectly fine (I do it too!).

Just don’t let that make you feel like you, your life, or your beauty is any less spectacular.

So, do yourself, your body and your mind some good. Wake up and GLOW! Look yourself in the mirror and be thankful for waking up, for being the beautiful individual that you are. Change negative thoughts one at a time. Drink more water (just thought I’d throw that in there since it seems to ALWAYS be mentioned). Jam out to some good music. Enjoy delicious food. Be grateful for the little things. Post your own amazing photos.

AND…  Love yourself!

Candidly, Alana

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