Sweat Life The Festival [Keepin’ (F)it Real]

Sweat Life The Festival [Keepin’ (F)it Real]

What a Saturday! Yesterday, I attended the Sweat Life Festival from Lululemon and had the most amazing time! I do have to admit I am proud of myself for going although I was alone. Sometimes you have to just go and do the things you want to do even when everyone else doesn’t want to. Just do it for you. Yesterday was definitely for me and I am so, so happy I went.

The event was located in the Arena Berlin and went from 10am to 10 pm. There were so many different vendors and Fitness studios like Becycle, Crossfit Aorta, Hot Pod Yoga, Ride Berlin, Sonkitchen, FoodSpring, and more. Throughout the day you were able to take part in an array of different exercise classes, eat yummy foods, purchase Lululemon athletic wear, and listen to inspiring panels.

The best part of it all for me was the atmosphere, the coming together of people from all over. I kind of fell in love with the fitness industry all over again yesterday. I got to see people of all different colors, sizes and backgrounds all supporting each other. Like in life, we all have our own struggles and things we have to get through, but here we can come together and push each other up, let each other know “You’ve got this! Push through!”  It’s something we should carry with us not just in the gym but throughout our days and lives in general.

So, I am here to say “Thank you!” to Lululemon and all those that took part in making yesterday’s event. It was one to remember, one I recommend to all and one I will definitely be attending again next year!





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  1. September 3, 2018 / 7:43 am

    Love, love love your shared ideas, posts and story about Candidly Alana. You truly stepped out on the ledge on this project, leaped and landed on a cloud that will sore beyond your imagination in the air!


    Onward and Upward!

    Love Dad

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