Getting Serious About Keto: [Keeping (F)it Real]

Hey, Y’all! It’s been so, SO long, I know, I’m sorry! I let the craziness of finals and life get in the way. But, I am back!

I started this blog with the intentions of just keeping things real and honest with you guys, so I thought, what better way to get back into the groove of things than with a new “series” of sorts; Keeping (F)it Real. Basically, I want to be able to just jump on here sometimes and let Y’all know whats up and what I am thinking about…kind of like a coffee date if we were meeting up in person.


So, Keto. I think many, if not all of you know that I am on the Keto diet. “Diet” is such a horrible word, I really don’t like it, but if I say “lifestyle” that makes me cringe too. Anyways, moving on. When it comes to “diets” if I find something that inspires me or really catches my attention I tend to jump in head first and give it my 100 percent. But, it usually doesn’t last all that long (sadly). Last year I did Keto for about 4 months and had the most amazing results. Too bad that all went crashing down after I left for vacay and just said “YOLO!”. This year, about a month or two ago I decided to get back into it, but more of the “lazy” Keto. Basically, not counting macros and having cheat meals here and there. But, it ain’t working so I think its time to get serious again. I still don’t plan on counting macros as intensely as I did last year, but I definitely will track every now and again just to see where I am at. The plan is 80/20 Keto, where I do one “higher” carb day every so often, which is also known as Base-line Keto. So… wish me luck Y’all!




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Hey, I'm Alana, founder & writer of my blog​ USA born and raised, currently living in Berlin, Germany. Join me as I get to know this city better, eat amazing food, workout and try to live life to it's fullest! Let's keep (F)it Real!

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