My Favorite Instagram Accounts

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I’m sure we all do it: wake up and check our phones, go through emails, missed texts, Facebook, Instagram etc. Well, at least I do. I’ve even set my alarm an extra 15 minutes earlier so that I am not running late (sad, I know). But, honestly, one reason I am constantly checking these women out on Instagram is because of how inspiring they are! They are all powerhouse-boss-lady-entrepreneurs and all have different qualities that I admire.
If you’re not following them already, get on it!


@Hannahbronfman – @Hannahbronfman – Hannah is a DJ and the Founder of HBFIT, a website and community for health, beauty and fitness. I am always keeping up with her Instastories, they are always so much fun. It seems like she always has something new and exciting going on. Plus, she’s gorgeous! Probably my biggest inspo!


@saythelees – Jaleesa is a beauty Youtuber from Philadelphia, who struggled with self-confidence as a young girl. Her Instagram and YouTube have really taken off and brought her a lot of success. I really admire that she always replies to any comments or questions.


@songofstyle – Aimee is a serious powerhouse! She is a fashion and design blogger and YouTuber, was featured on Forbes 30 under 30 and author of a New York Times Best Selling book. Talk about goals!

@allanaramaa -Well, other than for the obvious reason that we share the same name, just with different spellings,😜 Allana’s YouTube concentrates on beauty and style. Sometimes I wish I could just go through her closet and borrow it all! Plus, she is like your everyday girl, so relatable. If you want a good laugh, watch her Instastories.

IMG_1556.PNG @Lustrelux –  Katy is another gorgeous beauty YouTuber. Her makeup is ALWAYS flawless. She features different beauty looks anywhere from everyday no-make-makeup to totally snatched! Katy also always has the best athleisure! Her tracksuit game is on point!


@lipstickncurls – Jade is one of the very first natural hair YouTubers I found and was instantly hooked. She does a lot of hair and beauty tutorials and usually has a good message to go along with it. I admire her confidence and that she is always supporting other successful women.

@sarahsday – Sarah is a health and fitness YouTuber from Austrailia. Her vlogs always make you feel like your right there with her. She is such an inspiration to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle! Plus her and Kurt (her boyfriend) are just adorable together!


@tylauren  – whenever I check out Tyla-Lauren’s page all I can think is “this chick is so dope”. Her page gives off a total bad-ass cool chick vibe.

@rrayyme – Remi is a fitness and lifestyle blogger. She was a big inspiration for me to start this blog! Her pictures are always so amazing and fun. She’s young, beautiful and successful and she got there with hard work and dedication.

You go girls!!! 🙏🏽💋🤘🏽


Candidly, Alana


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  1. fromangelsangle1
    May 23, 2018 / 5:06 pm

    Always love new POSITIVE accounts to follow. Thanks!

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