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My Gym Bag Neccessities

My Gym Bag Neccessities

My gym bag is a bright neon pink backpack. No, it’s not the cutest, but it is practical because I bike everywhere. It keeps everything organized and easy to access.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing “Sh**, I forgot (insert thing here)”. In order to make sure I always have those oh-so-important things, I keep a list taped to our full-body mirror at the front door.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Here’s what’s in my bag:

  1. Trainers. For obvious reasons, this is an absolute must.
  2. Towel. Sweat: it’s the magic juice, but it’s not cute when you leave it on a mat at the gym for the next person coming along.
  3. Headphones. My Beats have seen better days but, I don’t workout without music or on most days my Beachbody program and I don’t think everyone around me wants to hear that.
  4. Extra Shirt. After putting in all that “WERK” I don’t like to go home wet so I always pack an extra shirt to change into.
  5. Hair tie. All this hair has got to be put up!
  6. Resistance Loops. These babies are awesome! There are so many workouts you can do for your whole body.

    Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

  7. Sliders. This is a new addition due to the 80 Day Obsession program from Beachbody I am currently doing. They too can work different areas of the body in many ways.
  8. BCAAs. BCAAs, which stands for branched chain amino acids, have loads of benefits (that’s a whole other post) but I have noticed since taking them my energy is sustained for longer while I workout and my muscle soreness isn’t as bad.
  9. Blender Bottle. To keep hydrated with my BCAA’s. Shake em up!
  10. Baby wipes. If I workout after work I use them to take my makeup off and also to freshen up after I am done if I don’t have time to shower at the gym.
  11. Spray Deodorant. Do I need to explain the importance of deodorant? I pack a non-aluminum, non-antiperspirant spray kind.
  12. Post-Workout snack. Lately, I have been packing macadamia nuts (my absolute favorite!) for a quick boost in energy. Other great options are a banana or protein bar.

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Candidly, Alana


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