My Dairy Free Mocha Latte

7B0B2DBF-5E6A-42D7-820A-ABFBDF866D5BEach morning as soon as I am up and out of bed, the first thing I want is my Mocha Latte. Due to me now being #dairyfree I have gone through a lot of trial and error to find just the right substitute for milk and finally landed on Oat-milk. This has become my absolute go -to. I love it for more than just my coffee; I also use it when I eat cereal and for baking. I am also a HUGE chocolate girl (hence, the “mocha” part), I can’t get enough of the stuff! 92D091E0-EC91-46AD-B624-422CEE0B03FF

As y’all know, my mornings are always short on time, which means I usually don’t eat breakfast at home. That’s why I make my coffee “bulletproof” style, this way I am satisfied, due to the coconut oil,  until I am able to have my breakfast at work.

A118B1EF-1748-4AB3-8CFA-FC28ED191079Coconut oil is jam-packed with health benefits like aiding in fat-burn and muscle gain, it’s a quick source of energy, improves heart health, helps manage blood sugar, it’s full of antioxidants, provides electrolytes, curbs your appetite and so much more.

So, if you love a creamy latte, a taste of cocoa and the added health benefits of coconut oil you’ll love this recipe!


1 Tbsp – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Tsp – Cacao Powder

100 ml – Oat-milk (at least 11% Oat, the higher the percentage the creamier)

30-60 ml – Espresso

In a coffee mug, add the Coconut oil and Cacao powder. Froth/Foam the oat-milk and pour into mug. Lastly, add the espresso and stir until smooth. If you don’t have a milk frother, don’t worry! Just add everything to your blender and blend it up!


Candidly, Alana 5D951D6F-58E9-4ED2-89E1-EF968AA93C95

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Hey, I'm Alana, founder & writer of my blog​ USA born and raised, currently living in Berlin, Germany. Join me as I get to know this city better, eat amazing food, workout and try to live life to it's fullest!

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