What happened when I gave up Dairy

What happened when I gave up Dairy

Going into 2018 one of my top new year’s resolutions was to give up all dairy. The main reason behind this resolution was my skin. A lot has changed in the last year or so with my skin and unfortunately not for the better. I don’t know if its due to the fact that I am getting older (no I am not saying I am old) or the fact that I moved to the city or a combo of the two. But, what I do know is, my skin isn’t the easy peasy, wash and apply moisturizer skin that I used to have.

Growing up everyone always complimented me on my “perfect” skin, I was fortunate enough to maybe get a pimple here or there or when it was that time of the month. That is not the case anymore. I started to struggle with adult acne and learned how easily my skin scars. Even if I don’t pick at a bump it ALWAYS leaves a mark. So, I went on a mission around October of 2017. I started watching and subscribing to more skincare YouTubers, googling everything under the sun about acne and scar reduction and spending hours and countless amounts of money on different skincare products. What did I learn/ gain? Well, a lot actually and the breakouts weren’t as bad but they were still coming. Through social media, I had started to see the #dairyfree trend rising and was wondering what all the hype was about. Come to find out, most people were going dairy free for the skin benefits. So, this naturally got my attention. This was around December a.k.a Christmas time a.k.a the time of year where everything is delicious and full of milk, cream, and butter a.k.a DAIRY. Which is exactly why I just decided to let myself indulge in all of the dairy glory and once 2018 hit I would give it up. I was VERY serious about the “as soon as 2018” too. I even denied nachos with cheese after the clock hit 00:00!

I know you’re probably thinking “okay, but did it do any good!?” so here’s my answer. YES, it did! The hype is real yall, going dairy free did more than just good for my skin. Let’s get into some detail.


For starters, the breakouts have just about vanished, not even kidding you, they have stopped! In the month of January, I got 1 pimple about a week before my period. This already was exciting. Since then, my complexion is slowing getting better an better, the scars are fading and I am gaining so much confidence back.



Summer of 2015


Early January 2018


Late-End of January 2018



Sleep has never been a big issue for me but, I did have times where my sleep just wasn’t efficient, even when I got 7-8 hours. That has since changed. I have really noticed that I sleep much deeper and in turn have much more energy even when I dont get as much sleep as I probably should.


My Period 

If you get grossed out by the subject, here is your warning this may be T.M.I. for some. My period since day 1 has always been an extremely painful struggle and when I say painful I mean I need Ibuprofen, a heating pad, the fetal position and my bed. About two years ago I got an IUD (the copper one), which probably wasn’t the best idea since IUD’s are known to intensify cramping during menstruation. But, because I am against using any kind of hormonal birth control (from my own experience, this is just for me personally) I needed another option and the copper IUD was just that. But, like they said, my cramps got worse which is almost impossible and my period became so so SO heavy, and long. Long story short, in January my period came at the end of the month, which means I had been dairy free for almost an entire month and HOLY SHIT BATMAN, I could  have dropped to my knees and thanked the heavens because for the VERY FIRST TIME in my life I had a period with ZERO cramps, yes you heard me right, ZERO. How, do I know it was due to going dairy-free?, Well I allowed myself to indulge while on vacation not long after that, which meant not rescricting myself from dairy and when I got my period, the cramsps were back.

Plenty of people ask me “how long will you be dairy-free?” and to tell you the truth who knows. As of right now, I am sticking with it. I don’t find it difficult at all, there are so many alternatives out there and just for the fact that my skin has improved, I am feeling more energized and I am experiencing periods that are actually bearable, I think I am in it for the long run!


Candidly, Alana



  1. Sadah
    March 5, 2018 / 6:56 pm

    Well written.

  2. P-Bro
    March 5, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    Proud of you schwesterlein!😚

  3. Tine
    March 15, 2018 / 8:02 am

    Prima, dass du einen Weg gefunden hast, der für dich der richtige ist. I like that 💞

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