Current Everyday Makeup Routine

Current Everyday Makeup Routine

Most days I have to be up and out of the house between 6 and 7 AM, which means my makeup routine needs to be quick and easy so that I can get every extra minute of sleep possible! I am sure you all know what I am talking about, it’s 5:30, your eyes are half open, part of you just wants to say “forget makeup” but the other half looks in the mirror and thinks “these bags gotta go!”. That’s basically my train-of-thought every single morning. As much as I love makeup and getting dolled up, my everyday look is very simple, quick and more of a #nomakeupmakeup look. I just need something that is going to even my complexion and makes it so that I don’t look like one of the Walking Dead zombies I was up way too late watching the night before. So, if you are interested in how an on-the-go gal that seems to be ALWAYS in a hurry gets it done, just keep reading…

For starters, I never never NEVER skip my skincare! This already helps really awaken the face and prep it for makeup. My current moisturizer of choice (which I adore) is the Clinique Moisture Surge. I then follow this up with an SPF and my lip balm, because we trynna keep this face and these lips, young honey! Now, we can get into the makeup.

BaseDepending on what I have going on each day I will decide if it’s just a BB cream or a high coverage kind of day. For the days where I will just be going to work, I tend to reach for the BB cream. Otherwise, the Estee Lauder Double Wear is my absolute go-to foundation. The coverage is buildable and keeps my skin even all day. Wheather BB cream or foundation I like to spread the product onto my buffing brush and apply all over the face.Concealer

Next, let’s get into those 5 AM under-eye bags I was talking about. The Tarte Shape Tape and Maybelline Instant Age rewinder are a dream team! I use the Shape Tape for any marks or bumps I need to cover and the Instant Age rewinder for under the eyes. I usually use the same buffing brush or just my fingers to blend these out.

hoolaSo, now that we have a nice even base we need a little bronzer/contour and blush to give us a bit more dimension. Benefit’s Hoola is so bomb! It’s matte and gives the face just the perfect amount of bronzed goodness. I have found using a stippling brush for bronzer/contour makes it super easy for all-over application. I buff this in under my cheekbones, around my temples (your girl needs a little help with the 5-Head!), around the nose and we can’t forget the jawline, to really “chisel” things out and maybe hide the fact that we have been eating way too many cookies. For the blush, add lightly with a blush brush to the apples of your cheeks. Tip: use whatever product you have left on your brushes from the bronzer/contour and blush and apply to your eyes, this really spruces up the face.Mascaraglowmist1

See how easy that was! All I do now is spray…or more like drown my face in the Glow Mist from Pixi Beauty to give me that dewy/glowy look like I just came back from holidays, apply my mascara (the one thing I cannot do without) and choose whatever lip I want for that day and LADIES WE ARE DONE! Now look yourself in the mirror and tell her how beautiful she is!

Candidly, Alana


I am always looking for new products or ways to make my routine go even quicker, so if you have any tips/tricks or great products I should try let me know!


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