10 Essentials For Every #NaturallyCurly Girl

10 Essentials For Every #NaturallyCurly Girl
Hey Ladies, here are my 10 Natural Curly Girl Essentials. Without these things, my hair would always be a hot mess. Whether you are newly natural, transitioning or been in the game for a while now, these things should be apart of your regimen! (**Disclaimer; I have in no way, shape or form been paid to advertise these products. I bought and tested everything mentioned with my own money over time and these are what works for my hair. These are all just suggestions and may or may not work for you.**)

Ladies! Do I have your attention?
Because, if you take anything away from this, it should be at least this:
#1 Deep condition, deep condition, and deep condition again and again. Please learn from my lazy girl mistakes and don’t forget to do this at least once a week. Deep conditioning gives your curls their life and bounce back. It increases moisture and elasticity, can prevent damage and even add shine (insert Beyonce singing “Shining, shining, shining, shining, yeah”). I tend to deep condition anywhere from 20-60min once to twice a week. Two of my favorite deep conditioners are Aunt Jackie’s fix my hair and Shea Moisture’s strengthen and restore treatment masque.
#2 Using a leave-in conditioner is essential. Moisture is our best friend and we need A LOT of it. Leave-in conditioner will keep your curls moisturized, decrease frizz, prevent breakage, soften your hair, aid in detangling, plus it smells oh so good! I seem to always grab Shea Moisture’s strengthen and restore leave-in conditioner. It’s my favorite! It smells like heaven and my hair is always so silky and smooth after application.
 DSC_0120 copy
#3 Whether you use a gel or cream is up to you and what works best for your curls. But, using either one will give you those defined curls we all desire (or at least most of us). My go-to gel:  Eco Styler Gel. I believe there are something like 8 different options to choose from, I personally like the Argan oil one the best so far. As far as creams go the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is my fave. It smells like coconut and will give you a nice light hold. Plus it contains no sulfates, silicones, parabens or mineral oil.
DSC_0080 copy
#4 Curly hair tangles easier than straight hair and for that reason, you have to have the right tools for detangling. Remember to detangle on wet hair with either a detangler product or conditioner, just not on your dry hair! I use a variation of different tools: Denman brush, Tangle Teezer (great for shorter curls) and Wide-toothed comb. Now, the next tool doesn’t aid in detangling but I thought it belonged here since it’s kind of like a comb. What I am talking about is a pick. A pick will give you big, voluminous hair with ease. A little tip: only pick at the roots, not your ends. This will give you volume without destroying your definition.
 DSC_0125 copy
#5 We have already established how important moisture is, so this next thing is just a continuation of that. It’s a spray bottle. Simply fill it with water and spray spray spray. I use this daily and follow with a leave-in to refreshen my curls.
#6 Who doesn’t love a massage? So, why not give yourself one while shampooing. A scalp massager has been such a great addition to my wash routine. It gets the blood flowing which in turn helps with hair growth and it will really get your scalp clean, removing dirt and product build up. I personally use the Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush.
#7 This, This! I am low-key OBSESSED with my portable bonnet dryer! I have only been using one for a couple months now, but GIRL I will never be without one again. The portability and ability to attach to any blow dryer make it super convenient. Plus, adding heat while deep conditioning opens the hair cuticles, allowing the product to really penetrate each strand which gives GREAT results. Any generic brand works. I got mine on Amazon.DSC_00760
#8 It’s so simple, a shower cap. Use a shower cap while deep conditioning to stop your hair from drying, this way the deep conditioner can really do its magic.
#9 Protecting your curls at night won’t be the most glamorous but you should do it. Cotton pillowcases rob your hair of all that hard work you put in to moisturize it. So, don’t let your pillow take away all your moisture and get yourself either a satin pillowcase, hair scarf or a bonnet and say hello to beautiful, moisturized second/third/fourth-day curls!
 DSC_0082 copy
#10 Last but not least…Instead of wrapping your hair up in a towel post-wash, try a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. All those grooves on a towel agitate and break your hair while drying. These alternatives though, they will absorb the excess water without taking away the moisture we want and prevent frizz.
Candidly, Alana




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